Pars For Parkinson's

An NJ based 501-C3 Charity for Parkinson's Disease

Keeping Our Spirits Up!

January 20, 2013

A friend of mine recently applauded me on my continued enthusiasm in planning Pars for Parkinson’s. Clearly, she thought I would be burned out by now. It’s not easy asking for money–and certainly not in this economy. But, every day when the alarm goes off, Lou heads off to Yoga or Pilates class and then he comes home and hits our home exercise equipment. Often he follows that by hitting buckets of golf balls. I can see that he’s stiff and sore and probably takes more Advil than he should. But, he never complains, he just keeps doing what he needs to do. He is determined to keep moving to keep his PD symptoms at bay. So…how can I possibly give up with him as my role model? For as long as he has PD, that’s how long I will keep trying!

Please join us on June 23, 2013 at Tarry Brae Golf Course in South Fallsburg, NY for a fun-filled all for a great cause!